Monday, September 24, 2018

Before we start configuring all of the main areas of Dynamics AX like Human Resources, Sales, General Ledger etc. we need to pause for a little bit and configure the parent Organization details.  A lot of the information that we will be configuring here is used throughout the system, and it’s a good idea to get this out of the way before we move on to the real application.

The following guide will step you through the bare necessities that you will need to configure within the Organization Administration area of Dynamics AX so the rest of your journey through the application is smooth sailing.



There are a few additional configuration steps to the Organizations codes and controls that you will want to do before continuing on to the rest of the system.  These will be global configurations that help all of the other modules work smoothly.

Chapter Topics

  • Initialize the Organizations Number Sequences
  • Importing Address Zip Code, City, State & County Components
  • Configuring The Global Address Book Properties
  • Configuring Default Address Books
  • Configure Working Time Templates
  • Configuring Your Organizational Calendar
  • Creating A Default Email Template
  • Configuring Your Default Workflow Parameters
  • Configure The Alert Notification Parameters


Zip Code Database


While you are still within the Organization Administration area, you may also want to make a couple of tweaks to the default Legal Entity that was created to add a little more detail.

Chapter Topics

  • Adding an Address to the Legal Entity
  • Adding A Logo To Your Legal Entity

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