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Configuring Human Resources Within Dynamics AX 2012
The Human Resource Management area within Dynamics AX not only allows you to manage all of your employees employment information, but it also allows you to track jobs & positions within the organization, track recruiting projects, and much more.  A lot of the core information that you can configure within the Human Resource Management area is also leveraged by other areas of Dynamics AX for approvals, skill matching, and also resource management so even if you are not going to be using all of the Human Resource Management features right away, you will definitely be using some of them.

Setting up the Human Resource Management area is not hard to do either, and this guide is designed to give you step by step instructions on how to configure all of the base codes and controls that you need to make the Human Resource Management area tick correctly and also to give you step by step instructions on how you can quickly load all of the necessary worker, position and job information so that you can speed up the data load process and get you up and running quickly.


Before we start setting up our Workers and Jobs, there is a little bit of house-keeping that we need to do by setting up some of the codes and parameters that will be used by the Human Resource Management area.  This includes the configuration of some of the Reason Codes that you will be using, the setup of some of the common Document Types and also the configuration of the Human Resource Management Parameters.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Configuring Reason Codes
  • Importing Reason Codes Using Excel
  • Creating HR Document Types
  • Configuring The Human Resources Parameters

Once the general configuration has been completed we can start setting up some of the more interesting parts of the Human Resource Management area.  And the first place that we will start is configuring the Workers and Employees.  The Worker is the general way to classify people within Dynamics AX, and you will want to load everyone that you want to track within the Human Resources in as Workers.


Workers can then be classified as Employees or Contractors depending on if they are paid by the company or just external parties that you work with.  In this section we will just focus on setting up the Employees and leave the other worker variations to a later subject.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Configuring Ethnic Origins
  • Importing Ethnic Origins Using Excel
  • Configuring Identification Types
  • Importing Identification Types Using Excel
  • Configuring Language Codes
  • Importing Language Codes Using Excel
  • Configuring Titles
  • Importing Titles Using Excel
  • Creating A New Worker
  • Updating Worker Details
  • Adding An Image To The Employee Record
  • Importing In Employees Using The Data Import Export Framework
  • Updating Worker Using Edit In Grid



Ethnic Origins

Identification Types

Language Codes




Now that you have your employees configured, the next step is to model your organization by creating Jobs that you can assign to the workers.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Configuring Job Types
  • Configuring Job Functions
  • Configuring Job Tasks
  • Importing Job Tasks Through Excel
  • Configuring Jobs
  • Importing Jobs Using The Data Import Export Framework



Job Tasks



Now that we have created our jobs we can start creating the Positions and also the Position Hierarchies that will allow us to create reporting structures within the organization.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Creating Position Types
  • Configuring Position Hierarchy Types
  • Creating Positions
  • Importing Positions Using The Data Import Export Framework
  • Viewing Position Hierarchy Graphically
  • Assigning Workers To Positions
  • Assigning Positions To Workers





Now that we have our workers in the right positions we can start getting even more efficient by taking advantage of the Recruiting Projects within Dynamics AX to create new positions, track applications & applicants and hire new workers.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Creating A New Position For Recruitment
  • Creating Recruitment Projects
  • Creating Applicants For Positions
  • Creating Applicant Applications For Positions
  • Creating Applications For Existing Employees
  • Confirming Applications For Positions
  • Scheduling Applicant Interviews
  • Tracking Interview Statuses
  • Hiring Applicants
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