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#12 Configuring Project Management And Accounting Within Dynamics AX 2012

The Project Accounting module within Dynamics AX is a great module for anyone that is trying to track time and costs against projects within the organization.  It is especially useful because it is fully integrated with all of the other foundation areas of the product like Payables, Receivables, Inventory, the General Ledger and much more so that as you track costs within them they are automatically applied to the project and as you create transactions within Project Accounting, then they are automatically updated within the foundation modules.

When you add in all of the additional functions that are available within the module like collaboration workspaces, worker assignment and scheduling, integration with MS Project and also time and expense entry through portals, then this is definitely a module that you need to get to know.

In this book we will look at all of the core features within the Project Management and Accounting module of Dynamics AX and show you how to set up and manage simple projects without even breaking a sweat.

Configuring Project Management And Accounting Controls

Before we start configuring our Projects we need to configure a few controls within the Project Management and Accounting modules so that everything runs smoothly.  These include some new Journals within Dynamics AX for tracking the projects, and also the configuration of the project templates and groupings.

Topics Covered:

  • Configuring Approval Codes
  • Configuring Default Journal Names
  • Configuring Line Properties
  • Configuring Cost Templates
  • Configuring Period Types
  • Configuring Shared Categories
  • Configuring Category Groups
  • Configuring Project Categories
  • Configuring Project Groups
  • Configuring A Working Time Template
  • Creating A Project Scheduling Calendar
  • Configuring Inventory Journals
  • Configuring Project Forecast Models
  • Configuring The Project Management Controls
Configuring Projects

Once you have all of the codes and controls set up for your projects you can start building your projects within Dynamics AX.  You can start by creating your work breakdown structures, then create estimates and budgets, and also track workers and resources against the projects.  Additionally, once you have created your projects you can save them as templates and reuse them for other similar projects as well making you even more productive.

In this chapter we will walk through the main components of Projects and show you how to set up and manage all of these project components.


Topics Covered:

  • Creating Projects
  • Assigning Scheduling Calendars To Projects
  • Creating A Project Work Breakdown Structure
  • Editing Work Breakdown Structures Through Microsoft Project
  • Using The Cost Tracking View To Estimate Costs
  • Adding Estimated Costs To WBS Lines
  • Transferring WBS Estimates To Project Forecasts
  • Posting AP Invoices Against Project Activities
  • Monitoring Costs Using The Cost Tracking View
  • Creating Project Statements To Analyze Project Performance
  • Creating Purchase Orders For Project Activities
  • Configuring Workers For Assignment To Projects
  • Configuring Project Role Templates
  • Adding Resources To The Project Using The Resource Scheduler
  • Assigning Workers To Projects
  • Saving Work Breakdown Structures As Templates
  • Creating New Projects Using Templates
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