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Introduction To Dynamics AX (Part II)

Dynamics AX is such a full featured product, it is hard to illustrate all of the things that it is capable of tracking and managing without creating a textbook style book.  Even then, it is hard to piece everything together with all of the detail that is provided, and even then, you probably are not interested in most of the detail.

A better starting point for you as you are discovering an exploring Dynamics AX is to get a more holistic view of the application showing all of the different general features that are available.  Knowing that something is possible within Dynamics AX is 90% the battle, learning how it does it is a relatively simple after that.

This companion for Dynamics AX is designed to do just that.  It is a high level reference that you can use to see what you can do if you want to leverage the many features within the system.


DISCLAIMER: If you know what an Action Pane is, or know what is contained within Fast Tabs, then this book is not for you.  You are already too advanced with Dynamics AX.  If you have never seen Dynamics AX before then this book may be what you are looking for.

Product Management
The first area that we will look at within Dynamics AX is the Product Management area where all of the product details are maintained.  A lot of the setup that you will perform here will be leveraged by the other areas within Dynamics AX, so it’s a good place to start.
Order To Cash

The Order To Cash process within Dynamics AX includes a number of different areas including Customer & Pricing Management, Orders, Fulfillment, Receivable, and Collections.

In this section we will show the highlights of the process and also a number of the capabilities that are included in the product to help manage the customer buying process.

Sales & Marketing

The Sales & Marketing module within Dynamics AX is a completely integrated CRM module for the management of Customers, Prospects, Leads, Opportunities, Campaigns and more.

Additionally, all of the information that you maintain through the Sales & Marketing module is available throughout the rest of the application, allowing you to track activities, tasks, appointments and cases from virtually everywhere.

Also, even though CRM modules traditionally only apply to customers, since all contacts including vendors and workers are tracked within the same structure, then all of CRM functions are also available for vendor campaigns and even employee notifications.

In the following section we will show some of the key features of the Sales & Marketing module.


The Operations modules within Dynamics AX span Inventory Control, and Production and allow you to manage all of the inventory and also perform light to heavy manufacturing jobs directly from the system.

Within the inventory control module, you are able to define by product individual rules and constraints, tracking them at multiple levels including batch and serial, and also track multiple dimensions against a product allowing you to aggregate up and down to different levels for inventory management.

The manufacturing module within Dynamics AX gives you the flexibility to perform any level of light assembly to complex manufacturing, discrete or process formula based manufacturing orders, and even traditional, lean, or mixed mode manufacturing.

In this section we will uncover some of the features that would be useful to your Operations group.

Planning And Forecasting

The Planning and Forecasting areas within Dynamics AX allow you to model your demand based for products by item, group,  and also customer and then use the forecasts to create planned requirements and suggest replenishment and production.  Once the master plans are created you can adjust the then firm up the plans with just a click of a button.

In this section we will show some of the planning and forecasting functions that are available within Dynamics AX,

Procure To Pay

The Procure to Pay process within Dynamics AX includes functions from areas including the Purchasing, and Accounts Payable modules, and includes capabilities such as Requisitioning, Bid Management, Purchase Orders, Invoice and Payment.

Additional features that are included in the Procure To Pay features are Vendor Onboarding, and also Vendor Rating, allowing you to manage the entire lifecycle of the Vendors.

In this section we will show some of the key areas within the Procure To Pay Process.

Project Management

Dynamics AX has an integrated Project Management module which is tied directly into the Employee time and expense reporting, and also the payables and receivables, and numerous other areas of the application.

There is also tight integration to Microsoft Project which allows for the maintenance of the projects to be done through a tool that is familiar to all of the project managers out there.

In this section we will show some of the capabilities of the Project Management module that makes it so useful.

Service Management

The Service Management module within Dynamics AX manages all of the service orders, service agreements, scheduling, and billing requirements that are needed for your field service team.

It is built upon the Project Management module, and leverages a lot of it’s capabilities to make the time and billing a seamless feature of the application.

There are other features such as the service object tracking and the repair analysis than can also be used for maintenance tracking within Dynamics AX.

In this section we will show some of the capabilities that are built into the Service Management module.



The Finance area of Dynamics AX includes the General Ledger, Cash & Bank Management and Budgeting modules, and is the backbone of the system.  Although you may think that all financial systems are alike, there are a number of features within Dynamics AX that makes if much more flexible than the ones that you may have seen in the past.

In this section we will show some of the more important features of the financial modules within Dynamics AX.

Human Resources

The Human Resources module within Dynamics AX is fully integrated within the application, and allows you to manage your employees,  track training and certifications, allows you to document “discussions” and also provides portals for the employees to access their information on-line.

You may not use all of the Human Resources module right away, but you will use some of it for sure.  This is because it is leveraged by all of the other modules within Dynamics AX to manage worker details and also tracks team memberships and also retail privileges.

In this section we will look at some of the features of the Human Resource module and uncover some of the features that make it so useful.

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